Cali plus vape

cali plus vape

Cali Plus

Cali Plus is perfect for smokers looking to make the switch into vaping. Available in more than 9+ flavors, this disposable is ideal for travel due to its small and compact design. We offer wholesales at discounted prices to all our retailers.

Cali Plus Vape

Cali Plus Vape Device is designed with convenience in mind and is easy to use even for beginners. It comes with all necessary accessories such as replacement coils and tanks, as well as an intuitive user manual that makes setup quick and simple.

The Best Cali Vape

Frozen Watermelon Raspberry: This is one flavor you won’t want to pass up if you want a great vape from start to finish, and that flavor is frozen watermelon raspberry. It has the refreshing taste of menthol and the sweetness of watermelon and raspberry.

Cali Plus Vape Tobacco: Relive your youth with a traditional tobacco combination, available in vapor form. When you’re in the mood for a nostalgic flavor but can’t quite bring yourself to light up again, this faithful recreation of tobacco will do the trick.

cali plus vape
cali plus vape

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